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Visualise your energy

The more information you have about your energy, the better you can manage it. iioTek delivers unparalleled visibility into your entire energy estate – from the site, down to device-level, with our Energy Insight solution from Centrica. With operational efficiency and cost reduction never being so important, making visibility into energy usage and having the ability to proactively manage energy has become essential.

Drive your energy strategy forward with real-time energy intelligence from your devices and integrated utility meters. Manage consumption, lower energy costs, prevent costly downtime, reduce power waste, improve operational efficiency and create a comprehensive energy strategy end to end.

Discover how your business is
using energy

Energy Insight will give you the ability to understand
your energy

View the video opposite to learn how Centrica Business Solutions Wireless Sensors from iioTek combine with your utility meters to deliver an array of detailed, actionable real-time energy information to a single platform.

How Energy Insight works

1. Collect data

Non-intrusive and and self-powered Centrica Business Solutions Wireless Sensors, together with your 3rd party utility meters for gas, heat, water and air-flow, will allow you to collect real-time energy data and analytics from your devices and equipment. Obtain this right down to the circuit-level of granular data.

2. Data monitoring

The sensors combined with your 3rd party utility meters collect the data and send it in real-time to the Centrica Business Solutions Gen 4+ Bridge. The energy data is then sent via cloud technology to Centrica’s complimentary energy management platform, PowerRadar™, for analysis. The cloud-based technology utilises Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is one of the most popular cloud infrastructure providers. It coheres to strict security and privacy standards thereby keeping your network and critical assets safe.

3. Gain insight and utilise

PowerRadar provides you with a uncomplicated but powerful platform to understand your energy estate. This cloud-based, secure software gives you with the flexibility to view and manage your energy from anywhere whilst retaining confidence that your data is secure. Use the intelligence from PowerRadar – or the software of your choice – to develop an informed, data-driven energy strategy.

Business benefits

  • Gain a full understanding – of your entire energy estate with real-time, device-level monitoring.
  • Reduce your electricity costs – by identifying inefficiencies and energy waste and then taking action.
  • Maximise operational efficiencies and spend – by benchmarking and managing energy consumption.
  • Reduce risk of equipment failure and costly downtime – with predictive analytics and highly developed alerts.
  • Integrate 3rd party utility meters – such as gas, heat, water, and air flow for a comprehensive view of your energy.

3 weeks

Reduction in annual energy costs of £17,000 for a global leader of UV inkjet ink development and manufacture.


Reduction in energy consumption at a satellite communications site that used data collected by Centrica Business Solutions Wireless Sensors.


Annual savings from a global building materials supplier through better understanding of their energy usage.

Success stories

Energy Insights gain FujiFilm
3 weeks ROI

FUJIFILM installed 22 sensors at its UK manufacturing site to
drive energy efficiency and fund continued product innovation.

CEMEX case study
CEMEX reduces energy useage with Energy Insight

Energy Insight is enabling global building materials giant CEMEX to make direct cost savings and efficiency improvements at sites across the UK.

Implementing the right solution

As an innovative provider of end-to-end energy solutions, we’re here to help you take control of your energy strategy.

High-tech hardware

Find out more about our range of easy-to-install, cost-efficient power monitoring technology that enables real-time collection and analysis of your energy.

How we deliver

Discover how in just five simple steps, we can give you a customised Energy Insight solution with minimal disruption to your operations.

Useful documentation

Discover an array of detailed technical and security information regarding our Energy Insight solution and cloud-based energy management software.

Visualise your performance
with PowerRadar

Industry-leading energy management software that allows you to understand and analyse your entire energy estate in a single view, so you can take action on your Energy Insight data.

Read how our Energy Insight solution with granular and actionable real-time energy intelligence can power your business performance.

Why you should choose Centrica Business Solutions from iioTek

  • Quick and easy implementation – Centrica Business Solutions Wireless Sensors from iioTek are self-powered and require
    no maintenance.
  • PowerRadar – the complimentary energy management platform will allow you to securely manage your entire energy estate.
  • Proven global experience – we have the expertise to deliver end-to-end solutions that drive your strategy..


The number of countries our solution
is deployed in.


Number of sites our technology is collecting data for globally.


Every 10 seconds your sensors will collect energy data for real-time visibility.