Advanced Handling Systems

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iioTek within the Advanced Handling Industry

It is well recognised that IIoT and automation within the advanced handling industry can help eliminate accidents and occupational safety issues associated with manual labour. iioTek works with manufacturers to provide systems that improve worker safety, health, wellness, and reduced company expenditure on employee insurance and compensation.

Within this sector we work with companies ranging from automated guided vehicles, rail guided vehicles, conveyors to cranes and hoists.

Automated guided vehicles

Automate guided vehicles rely on precision automation control system that allow for high repeat accuracy and to makes interactions with other machines possible. Our in-depth knowledge of control systems, not just within the heavy manufacturing industry, but also key industries such as utilities and process manufacturing give us a distinct advantage.

Rail guided vehicles

Rail guided vehicles are fast flexible rail systems which make it possible to transport large quantities of heavy good over long distances at low cost with high efficiency. This means that the reliability of the drive and control systems for these systems is key to their overall operation efficiency and productivity. iioTek can advise you the appropriate control systems which will not only meet your needs today, but also scale up as you grow.


Automated conveyor systems are a key part to improving productivity and controlling costs in factories producing construction machinery and equipment. Our experience in providing consultancy and bespoke solutions – engineering the systems, providing the appropriate hardware and software, implementing the controls – has made us a trusted partner of leading heavy manufacturers industry for years.

Cranes and hoists

Cranes and hoists are a specialised market requiring expertise in variable speed drives (VSDs) and inverters, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), motion control, braking, safety systems and best practices. Manufacturers in this sector can benefit from contemporary advances made in electronics based enabling technologies and control systems engineering.  And today, the applicability of modular distributed control systems for industrial automation has substantiated the benefits of implementing and maintaining control systems using an open machine control platform.

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