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At iioTek, our team have a proven history of providing proven solutions for a variety of energy generating assets including coal-fired, combined cycle and cogeneration units. It is against this successful fossil-fuel background that we have developed automation strategies for green energy sites.

We have both the knowledge and tools to fully evaluate your energy needs and provide you with low-risk solutions. We have developed systems from individual plant components to the most complex power generation processes. Whether you need to control of a single energy source or manage of a multi-site generating organisation, iioTek provides a total solution from local field devices, to supervisory control and data acquisition, distributed control, and digital bus architectures.

Within the renewable energy sector, we have experience of solar, wind and water. Balancing the power generated from these sources require complex systems. Efficient control hardware combined with the management and optimisation offered by advanced software and virtual power plants provides viable solutions that help meet the challenges faced in this industry. The iioTek team can help you understand how to best utilise this technology in order to maximise your assets.

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