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Our services

IiioTek Ltd are an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Operational Technology Consultants. We are more than one company, we are a managed ecosystem of solutions providers that can develop IIoT solutions for businesses. iioTek believe data can revolutionise the industrial world by creating new ways of working, deliver operational efficiencies, solve operational problems and drive compliance.

Combining decades of experience into one single point of contact

iioTek delivers a service that enables our clients to run single or multiple IIoT Digital Experiments in parallel, giving you the power and tools to start your Digital Transformation.
We solve the headache by providing Middleware (i.e. Data River), connectors and sensors for the un-connected, hardware, software and appropriate professional services using a highly optimized “sprint model” designed to help you test many or single IIoT ideas rapidly.

  • Run IIoT Digital Experiments via an affordable and flexible all-inclusive service
  • Create a safe zone to pioneer, test, fail, and learn (offline)
  • Validate effectiveness of IIoT with minimal investment (start small – grow big)
  • Solve connection headaches from islands of data – CONNECT THE UNCONNECTED
  • You choose (protocol) – Azure, AWS, Predix, MindSphere, IBM, Oracle, SAP, In-House
  • Uncover outcomes and value quickly
  • Test different data-based analytics and approaches
  • Quickly and easily deploy a digital experience with easy on-ramping

Our approach blends methodology / best practices and defines a roadmap for employing successful IIoT solutions which are simple to implement, effective and capture value.

Start your IIoT journey today…