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Digital experiments

At iioTek Ltd, we understand the requirement to demonstrate the value that IIoT solutions can bring to your business. iioTek delivers a service that enables our clients to run single or multiple Industrial IoT Digital Experiments in parallel, giving you the power and tools to start your Digital Transformation with none of the upfront costs and risks associated with a full IIoT solution commitment. Our Digital Experiment tests the IIoT solution and provides visible results that allow our customers assess the viability and company fit.

iioTek provides all the resources required to get digital experiments up and running, including pre-validated hardware, client asset connection, data movement consolidation to bridge the IT/OT gap, enterprise sharing, endpoint management, and field and professional services.

Our approach is built on the experience of building military grade solutions – optimised for real-world limitations such as security, latency and power. Solutions are designed to take maximum advantage of cloud, data centre and edge processing.

Key Features:
  • Phased, multi-tier, scaled approach to reduce risk
  • A subscription-based model to avoid up-front capital outlays
  • Rapid evaluation
  • Straight forward replication: scale up and roll out
Digital Experiment

Both successful and unsuccessful digital experiments provide value, as we believe our digital experiments will provide an insight into what can be achieved through IIoT endeavours. Successful digital experiments can be rolled out quickly and form a valuable part of new business models or processes. Unsuccessful experiments can provide significant value, whether uncovering design issues or revealing where to avoid further investment.

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