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Engineering services & systems integration

Digitalisation and automation require technical expertise. This applies to design and engineering as well as operation and service. iioTek are experts in providing a variety of related engineering and systems integration services. Whatever the industrial sector, our objective remains constant: to provide value for our customers by combining iioTek’s broad capability with a consistent, ‘excellent’ approach to engineering services and systems integration.


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Industrial Control Systems Discrete and Continuous Processing
Visualisation, HMI SCADA, Operator Interface, Reporting and Dashboards
Data Historians, Reporting Services and Advanced System Analytics
Training and Support
Industrial Control Systems Discrete and Continuous Processing

Industrial control systems used in the process industries have tended to emphasise the control of continuous variables and parameters. By contrast, the manufacturing industries produce discrete parts and products, and the controllers used here have tended to emphasise discrete variables and parameters.

Since we have two basic types of variables and parameters that characterise production operations, iioTek also have two basic types of control:

  1. Continuous control, in which the variables and parameters are continuous and analog; and
  2. Discrete control, in which the variables and parameters are discrete, mostly binary discrete.

In practice, most operations in the process and discrete manufacturing industries will tend to include both continuous as well as discrete variables and parameters. As a result, the industrial controllers we provide are designed with the capability to receive, operate on, and transmit both types of signals and data.

Visualisation, HMI SCADA, Operator Interface, Reporting and Dashboards

In, order to accurately monitor, control, and see every part of your operations for smarter control, it is important to use the latest high-performance HMI/SCADA technology. This allows operators to quickly understand what is important and the perform the correct actions to drive increased efficiency and reduced costs.

iioTek’s deep technical knowledge and significant cross-sector domain experience, allow us to create process control and SCADA solutions that not only streamline our customers operations, but also reduce downtime.

So, whether we are delivering a new system or updating an obsolete system, our solutions deliver real-time control and monitoring of all assets. This in turn can lead to lower maintenance, service and repair costs through continuous data capture and analysis, enabling proactive maintenance of your assets and remote diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Data Historians, Reporting Services and Advanced system analytics

To benefit from the latest advances in digital transformation, you first need data. However, simply having the data is not sufficient. You need an efficient way of storing what could potentially be vast amounts of data, and then you need to be able to make sense of it. This is where a historian software solution comes into play.

The latest historian software solutions collect industrial time-series data at very high speed. They store the data efficiently and securely, and then distribute it to preconfigured users, allowing fast retrieval and analysis.

The iioTek team have decades of experience and hundreds of successful customer installations under their belt. iioTek can recommend a historian system that will improve the way your company performs and competes by making data available for asset and process performance analysis.

Support and Training

iioTek are committed to our clients IIoT journey and know the importance of providing training and support services. We focus on providing our clients with the tools to remain a step ahead of their competitors by optimising the workforce, including management and operational staff, and providing a roadmap to continuous improvement.

iioTek provides high-quality training that is recognised. Having invested significantly in your hardware and software, we believe that training is essential to maximise that investment in those products, enabling you to optimise your productivity.

See our Training and Support page for more details.

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