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Recipe Management – the complete software solution

MEPIS RM, developed by Metronik, is a central recipe management solution that simplifies recipe workflows and helps to make decentralised GMP data storage centrally available. Primarily developed for production facilities in the pharmaceutical and life science industries, it’s applications are equally applicable to any industry where a regulated formulation process is in place, such as food and beverage or the chemical industry.

The solution enables facilities to gather crucial operations data, make it available to all relevant stakeholders and exploit it for regulatory compliance, process improvement and production optimisation. Web-based, real-time workflows reduce waiting times and allow production to start quicker. MePIS RM is fully compliant with FDA and EudraLex guidelines for software products (21 CFR Part 11, GMP Annex 11).

Features of MePIS RM
  • Central recipe storage and processing
  • Unified, customisable recipe workflow per line / equipment
  • Standard recipe upload and download (S95 model)
  • Full line security and audit trail
  • Compliant with ISA 88 standard – enables class-based recipes
  • Connectivity with any machine in production, which is capable of bidirectional communication
  • Interfaces to process equipment, MES and ERP
  • Intuitive user interface for a unique and user-friendly experience – full responsive design (e.g. computer, tablet, mobile).
Why use our Recipe Management Solution

Setting up machine parameters and equipment is a time-consuming process in the life science industry., which is prone to human error and involves many processes that are often paper-based. The operators must coordinate with QA and supervisors, approvals must be granted. For this to be achieved, staff have to move from one zone to the next and the corresponding hygiene requirements must be adhered to and clothing must be changed. This is very time-consuming and inefficient process which adds to the cost of production.

Often the recipes are saved directly onto the machine and the download takes place directly on site. Each machine type uses its own recipe software. Data has to be entered manually and approval workflows are missing in the software. This can create errors that result in several deviations per year and machine.

Electronic data are usually only available directly on the machine. As a result, the machines with their primary data stored there in terms of data integrity must be viewed with increased effort for validation and qualification. The paper-based documentation cannot easily be securely archived. Analyses and evaluations from a wide variety of data sources for regulatory requests and improvement processes are difficult to accomplish.

MEPIS RM does away with all of these inefficiencies and results in increased data integity, shorter lead times, no deviations caused by manual input errors and a time saving of up to 6 hours per recipe and machine.

MEPIS RM is also useful for companies from non-regulated environments to overcome the challenges of recipe management with many machines or complex data and workflows.

Key benefits of MePIS RM
  • Reduce time for recipe-handling processes
  • Reduced manual work and shorter lead times
  • Decrease in human errors and production deviations
  • Reduced labour costs due to more efficient processes
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Improved GMP compliance
  • Streamlined maintenance of the recipe archive as all data is stored centrally
  • Improved recipe data integrity
  • Increased product quality and safety.

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