Training and support


Training and support

iioTek are committed to our clients IIoT journey and know the importance of providing training and support services. We focus on providing our clients with the tools to remain a step ahead of their competitors by optimising the workforce, including management and operational staff, and providing a roadmap to continuous improvement.

Our commitment
  • IIoT Workshop
  • IIoT Roadmap
  • Communication plan; celebrate success stories
  • After sales support, training and resources

IIoT workshop

Our workshop will help you define your IIoT goals, strategies and priorities. It also includes an assessment of your installed technology and identification of strategic vendor and their roadmap plans. The deliverable is a plan with prioritised requirements for moving your plant(s) and vendors toward IIoT.

  • IIoT Goals
  • Functional Priorities
  • Technology Inventory
  • Vendor Assessment
  • Determine Priorities

IIoT roadmap training

Our IIoT consultants will help you define an adoption roadmap to move you to an IIoT-enabled plant where both historian and new IIoT automation will co-exist.

  • System Architecture – “As Is” & “To Be”
  • Functional Priorities
  • Select/Define Info Model(s)
  • Migration/Co-Existence Plan
  • Identify Strategic Vendors
  • High Level Milestones
  • IIoT Budget

Communication plan

iioTek will initiate media driven success stories to ensure recognition and promotion of new IIoT solutions. By providing corporate material we can provide a platform in which to promote the IIoT journey.

After sales support, training and resources

Our partners will provide after sales support, training and resources to enable our clients to build expertise within their own workforce.

Become a leader in the IIoT revolution.


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