iioTek and Metronik offer Life Science manufacturers an information packed webinar

~ Live webinar on Recipe Management in Life Science Companies ~

IiioTek and Metronik will be jointly hosting a free webinar online at 10am (BST) on 13 October 2020 called Recipe Management in Life Science Companies.

This webinar will reveal why the importance of a robust recipe management solution for the pharmaceutical manufacturing should not be overlooked by businesses. Importantly for manufacturers, it will demonstrate how to achieve time savings and process optimisation, whilst decreasing human errors and production deviations. It will also show how businesses can improve recipe data integrity and achieve full regulatory (GMP) compliance, as well as providing central storage, full line security and complete audit trail.

Process Engineers and those involved in Quality Control can register for the webinar free at: www.iiotek.com/about/events/.

George Walker managing director at iioTek, along with Dejan Božič, Business Development Manager from Metronik, will be leading the presentation and will highlight the challenges & risks in recipe management process of today. They will then demonstrate practical solutions for overcoming these obstacles. Metronik have already conducted several webinars across Europe on this subject with more than 50 participants each.

Asked about the forthcoming webinar, George Walker said. “This webinar is a chance for people to hear from industry experts how to simplify recipe workflows and help make decentralised GMP data storage centrally available. Attendees can ask questions after the webinar and get information not easily available through other channels.”

“A key objective of the webinar is to educate manufacturers on how they can eliminate many of their recipe management inefficiencies, resulting in increased data integrity, shorter lead times and no deviations caused by manual input errors” said Dejan Božič, Business Development Manager at Metronik.

Businesses interested in attending the free webinar can register at https://www.iiotek.com/about/events/ .